Domestic and Foreign trade

Drotar Consulting has expanded its scope of activities and now also participates in world trade, then became premium food and beverages distribution company. A compelling reason for this is that the European Union exports and imports goods worth hundreds of millions of euros every day. The EU is the most significant exporter of manufacturing products and services in the world and the largest export market for around 80 countries. 

Drotar Consulting founded in 2018 and now is in Hungary a registered international trading company that specializes in wholesale agricultural products, organic and non-organic and general commodities. We offer the best quality in our agricultural products, importing and exporting fresh and processed European, African, Asian and South American goods, with excellent quality standards for the international market.

We also ensure the legal background, contracts are concluded with the assistance of our lawyer. Our in-depth knowledge of the market and effective administration are a guarantee for our customers. Our team is also in contact with foreign investors, so we are not only offering to domestic interested parties in our database.

Drotar Consulting is run by expertise and has a committed team to serve our customers with procurement and sourcing services. We obtain high-quality agricultural products from a large network of authorized farmers and supply them to our clients. Our commitment to quality, rust-worthiness and consistency has earned us a reputation as reliable provider of agricultural products and other general commodities.

No matter where the product located what you want to buy or sell we can certainly help you, if you want to import or export and you need help, you want to know the entire processing of foreign trade administration in one hand, need a premium food and beverages distribution company,  contact us!

Import-Export administration

We help to optimize the foreign trade processes from the order to the arrival of the goods and, in the case of exports, to their delivery. 

Consulting and Investments

Consulting and Investments

We always start the consultation with an analytical conversation, in the framework of which our financial experts spend a lot of time getting to know you thoroughly. We review your current financial situation, your plans for the future and discuss your goals and desires.

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