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The distribution industry is one of the most important and integral industries in the world, which is the basis for the global supply, without which basically no industry could operate properly.

Drotar Consulting is a distribution company?

A distribution company refers to a company which purchases products from one company, generally the manufacturer and provides them to the wholesalers and retailers. They generally operate on behalf of a company rather than representing themselves. This is why distributors are so important for any company or manufacturer. Distributors are the link between a manufacturer and the retailers and on some occasions, the end consumers as well.

Apart from being the link between manufacturers and customers, distributors are also extremely important. They can expedite response times, enhance the reach of a company due to their contacts and established presence in the field. The relevant geographical locations, can also create value added products or combinations that can complement the products that the company is selling. While there are many calls for eliminating the 'middle man' in distributor companies. Have the companies engage directly with the customers, due to the aforementioned reasons.

That is a move that is not going to happen in the near future. We have worked with a company which provides its products in locations that it did not have a physical presence. Did not have an office or workers in the field,  instead liaisons with distributors with a presence in the country or countries, who provide the product.

The distributors earn incentives which is the profit they make when selling the products to the customers. While the company itself did not have to invest in advertising and promotion, office rent, capital equipment and saved on a lot of expenses, ensuring a win win for everyone.

Distribution with Drotar Consulting

Distribution with Drotar Consulting

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Drotar Vitality wholesale

Drotar Vitality wholesale

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