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Expert opinion

Asset valuation and real estate appraisal

The many years of experience of our colleagues also help in real estate valuation and related sectors. Primarily, the determination of the value of an asset used as collateral for a loan by an expert cannot be waived. The process, when the appraiser personally examines the real estate offered as collateral based on the following aspects: Real estate and lot size, location, year of construction, quality, the real estate's marketability (marketability), is important to be carried out by an expert. Based on this, we prepare an expert opinion, which includes the price for which the bank can currently sell the property according to the expert. This amount largely determines how much credit you can get. As a rule, this takes place in such a way that, in the case of a successful credit assessment and disbursement, the bank credits the entire amount to your account afterwards.

Judicial expertise

The task of our forensic expert is to assist in the establishment of the facts and the decision of the technical issue with an expert opinion prepared using the results of science and technical development, on the basis of assignment or assignment by the court, the notary, the prosecutor's office, the police and other authorities specified in the law.

Last but not least, key words essential for preparing the company's expert opinions:

  • Precision
  • Experience
  • Expertise

Expert opinion

The expert opinion contains the subject of the examination, detailed data on the examination procedures, tools, and changes that have occurred in its subject matter. Has to contain a brief description of the method, a summary of the professional findings, and the conclusions drawn from them, indicating the certainty or degree of probability of these conclusions.

Professional help

For more information contact us and one of our colleague will get back to you.

Real Estate Finance

Real Estate Finance

Our company also deals with real estate sales, real estate distribution, real estate operation, cleaning, renovation, relocation and comprehensive maintenance assignments. Of course, we also ensure the provision of the legal background, including the administration of contracts by a lawyer. Our in-depth knowledge of the market and effective administration are a guarantee for our customers.

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