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"Investing, finances, savings, real estate are all topics that significantly define our lives - whether we like it or not. Nevertheless, very few can manage it all: the market is complex, there are many products and even more choices. That is why it is important to have an expert by your side who helps you make the right decisions"

Drotar Consulting


We always start the consultation with an analytical conversation, in the framework of which our financial experts spend a lot of time getting to know you thoroughly. We review your current financial situation, your plans for the future and discuss your goals and desires.
During the conversation that follows, we present financial solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs. For this, we select high-quality product groups from our reputable partners.
We will continue to contact you at certain intervals. The purpose of our regular meetings is to adapt financial planning to your current life circumstances. You tell us what new life situations you need to adjust to, and we take care of the rest.

"The workload of a consultant can be very heavy"

We as consultants help organisations or individuals manage change and solve problems so they operate more efficiently and therefore profitably. Offering advice and expertise to client organisations to help them improve their business performance. Our work can focus on operations, strategy, management, IT, finance, marketing, HR and supply chain management across a wide range of industries and specialisms. As we work closely with clients, they may have to work on site or meet representatives from client organisations regularly.

Drotar Consulting typical duties include:

  • Working with clients to understand their needs and to agree the scope of each consulting project
  • Conducting research, surveys and interviews and analysing data to gain insights into the business
  • Analysing statistics and detecting issues and investigating ways to resolve them
  • Assessing the pros and cons of possible strategies
  • Exploring business problems and modelling different solutions
  • Attending meetings and compiling and presenting informations and keep clients up to date on progress
  • Making recommendations for improvement and presenting these to clients
  • Implementing agreed solutions, also developing and implementing new procedures or training to support the changes proposed

We know for involving long hours and this is often true, despite recent home-working arrangements. While you may not need to travel as much, projects can still be complex and deadlines tight, colleagues may be in other timezones.



Unlike direct sellers (agents), multiple agents, or brokers working in an employee or contractual relationship, the range of mediated products is not limited to a single financial market segment or a single company. The direct seller acts on behalf of a single company, the multiple agent acts on behalf of several companies and is under the responsibility of the ordering company. The broker mediates from a single segment of the financial market (e.g. insurance or banking) at his own risk. The allfinanz financial advisor provides an all-money market advisory-intermediary service, at its own risk: on behalf of the client, it selects the right products from any segment of the entire financial market, taking into account the client's needs, goals and opportunities.

Investment types

State paper

A government bond is a debt security issued by the Hungarian State. In other words, you get interest in exchange for the money you lend to the state. Short, medium and long-term investment that pays fixed or variable interest, even above inflation, with low risks. Popular government securities are, for example, Magyar Állampapír Plusz (MÁP Plusz, MÁP+) or Premium Magyar Állampapír (PMÁP). You can read more/here about how government bonds work, for example how to buy and sell them, when and how much interest you get on government bonds, etc.


When you buy shares, you become part owner of a company, which also means that you can share in the company's profits if the company pays dividends. You can also sell the share. If you sell it for more than what you bought it for, you earn a profit. How much you can buy and then sell for is always determined by the current exchange rate, which is determined by supply and demand. If more people want to buy a share than sell it, then the demand for it increases, that is, its price rises. If you sell a share at a lower price than what you bought it for, you will incur a loss on the sale of the share. Timing is therefore very important, which is why it may be worth holding a share for years before selling. You can find out more about shares here.

Corporate bond

A bond is a debt security. If a company needs to raise funds, it can issue a bond, that is, it pays a specific interest rate within a specific period of time in exchange for a specific amount - this is covered by the concept of a corporate bond. We wrote about corporate bonds in detail here.

Investment funds

Investment funds were created so that those small investors who cannot buy a sufficient amount and variety of securities can create a well-diversified portfolio as part of an investment community, thereby reducing costs and risks, while at the same time everyone benefits from the returns. You can join the fund by purchasing an investment certificate. An investment certificate essentially covers a portfolio of securities, which, depending on the fund's investment strategy, may consist of shares, bonds, government securities, derivatives, etc. The exchange rate of the investment fund is obtained by dividing all assets and claims of the fund by the number of investment units - this is the net asset value per unit. The return is given if you sell the unit at a higher rate, 


An index tracking fund, or ETF/(Exchange Traded Funds), is a passively managed type of investment fund that tracks the performance of a stock market index (e.g. S&P 500, NASDAQ, DAX, BUX, etc.). In other words, there is no portfolio manager who would actively manage the composition of the portfolio, since it follows the composition of a specific index anyway. The advantage of this is that the cost of ETF investment is low.

Savings life insurance

Savings life insurance combines the securities listed so far, i.e. government securities, shares, bonds, investment units and ETFs, into a common investor portfolio. In addition, they also undertake death and disability compensation, but their main goal is not risk/protection, but capital accumulation. A savings life insurance policy can pay fixed interest if you contract for a guaranteed maturity amount, in which case there is no interest rate risk. At the same time, there are also methods where the yield is not guaranteed, but the yield potential is higher. It is worth signing for at least 10 years, but the insurance recommendation can be 15-20 years, in other words, we are talking about a long-term investment.


While there is no single best investment, the good news is that at least everyone can find something that suits them. If you want something else, contact us and we will help you.

Real Estate Finance

Real Estate Finance

Our company also deals with real estate sales, real estate distribution, real estate operation, cleaning, renovation, relocation and comprehensive maintenance assignments. Of course, we also ensure the provision of the legal background, including the administration of contracts by a lawyer. Our in-depth knowledge of the market and effective administration are a guarantee for our customers.

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