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On this website, you can find information about the Service Provider's services and products. By viewing and using this website and the web pages that make it up (hereinafter collectively referred to as the website), you accept the general terms and conditions of use as binding. The service provider can modify the general contract and user conditions at any time, which modifications or the new will publish the general terms and conditions of use on this website.

The Service Provider has placed the data on this website for informational purposes, so they are not considered official. The service provider takes all necessary measures to ensure that the published data matches reality, however, rights and obligations cannot be derived directly from the information from the website.

The service provider assumes responsibility only for confirmed information, but excludes it in the case of data that can be traced back to an operating error or unauthorized modification of the website, hardware and software, or data that has been changed or changed as a result of a virus.

Copyrights, industrial property rights

The copyrighted materials on the website - including, but not limited to, texts, design, software, images, graphics, audio, recordings, source code and content - are the property of the Service Provider. Copyright materials found here and materials used under exclusive license are protected by Hungarian copyright laws and international copyright laws. Modifying, copying, duplicating, republishing, uploading, downloading, mailing or otherwise transmitting the materials, making them available for public viewing, using them to create other materials, creating links pointing to them, transferring them, selling them, or using them for other public or commercial purposes can only be done with the express written permission of the Service Provider. It is prohibited to modify, copy, duplicate, republish, upload, download, mail or otherwise transmit the trademarks and service marks found on the website without the express written permission of the service provider, and it is also prohibited to make them available for viewing by the public, as well as to use them to create other materials, sell them, or otherwise use for public or commercial purposes. Content for free use, legally obtained from open sources and content displayed on the basis of a separate contract from the Service Provider's partners are partially subject to a different assessment. With regard to these, the copyright and industrial rights protection does not belong to the Service Provider (but to the owner of the contents), at the same time, their acquisition by downloading from this website is also illegal.

Use of Information and Materials

The website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute advice of any kind.

The contents of this website, including the terms and conditions and descriptions contained therein, are subject to change without notice. Unauthorized use of the website and improper use of passwords and information related to the website are strictly prohibited. The products and services shown on the website may not be available in all parts of the world. Determining the right to use the services is the exclusive competence of the Service Provider. In connection with the information, products and services found on the website, the Service Provider draws the users' attention to the fact that the use of certain information, products, services or materials may be prohibited or restricted by the laws of certain countries, and it is the user's duty to take this into account.

Links to other sites

The Service Provider may place links and references on the website to websites operated by third parties, which users may use as they wish. The Service Provider does not control these websites and is not responsible for their content. Placing the links does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the Service Provider of the views, ideas, goods, products, information or services found on the external website. The legal relationship between the user and the linked website, including the payment and delivery of the goods, products and services offered there, is based solely on the relationship between the user and the operator of the given website. The service provider has no influence on the external websites included in the links, and does not assume any guarantee for the content, goods, products and services found there.

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